Porsche reveals Cayman S Black Edition

6 May

By Matt McCarron

Well, Porsche has done it again. After releasing the 911 Black Edition, then the Boxster S Black Edition, it’s only fitting that Porsche would apply it to yet another one of their model lines. Today Porsche announced the creation of the Cayman S Black Edition. Like both the 911 and Boxster S variants, the Cayman S Black Edition will be a limited production vehicle, with only 500 units produced worldwide.

As with the other two variants, the goal of the Cayman S Black Edition is to offer added horsepower, exclusivity and a long list of equipment at an affordable price. But is this special Cayman S really worth the added sticker price?

Well, to start with the Cayman S Black Edition gets an additional 10 horsepower from the 3.4-liter six-cylinder engine. The engine, which produces 330 horsepower enables the Black Edition to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.6 seconds, with the optional PDK transmission and Sports Chrono Package, as opposed to the manual transmission which covers the same distance in 4.8 seconds. A vehicle equipped with the PDK transmission also gets the added bonus of launch control and various shifting modes.

2012 Porsche Cayman S Black Edition: Courtesy Porsche USA

If your particular color preference happens to be well, black, then you’re in luck. This Cayman S is only available in said color, and as with all Black Edition models, is covered from head to toe in black accessories. The car gets 19-inch Boxster Spyder design wheels, painted black of course, and also features side intake grills, model designation badge and it’s exhaust pipes with the same special treatment. The interior features black leather with trim pieces finished in aluminum and stainless steel.

In the end the Cayman S Black Edition is very similar to its two siblings. All three have very similar changes and feature many of the same upgrades. However, whether or not this limited production Cayman S is worthy of the added cash is ultimately up to the individual.

The 2012 Cayman S Black Edition has a base MSRP of $67,500 and will start arriving in U.S. showrooms later this summer.

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