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BMW M CEO Kay Segler confirms carbon-composite brakes on F10 M5

3 Feb

By Matt McCarron

BMW Motorsport CEO Kay Segler announced on Jan. 31, in an interview with the Canadian media company Sympatico that the upcoming F10 M5 will have an option for carbon-ceramic brakes, something M5 owners have been longing for since the debut of the E39 M5.

Courtesy of M-B USA

The E39 M5 is a great automobile, with impeccable, classic BMW styling and a 5.0-liter,400 horsepower, V8 engine that blew away the competition at the time. However one of the aspects of the car, any car, the brakes, seemed to be inadequate. The E39 M5 is a heavy car, weighing over 3700 lbs. Therefore slowing down and stopping a 3700 lbs car, capable of reaching a top speed of 185mph (delimited) can be quite a task. This is especially the case in any type of racing or hard driving conditions. The E39 M5 came from the factory with four-wheel vented disc brakes measuring 13.6-inches in diameter in front and 12.9-inches in the rear. Because of this many enthusiasts who own a E39 M5 have invested in aftermarket brake rotors from companies such as StopTech, APRacing and Brembo.

The next generation of M5, the E60 featured cross drilled, vented disc brakes. However BMW still did not have  carbon-ceramic brakes as an available option. While BMW Motorsport chose not to invest in this equipment, their competition; Porsche, Audi and Mercedes-Benz did. Mercedes-Benz offer they own ceramic-composite brakes as an option through the AMG Performance Studio. They are available on the SLS, E63 and CLS63 AMG models, the latter two being some of the primary competitors to the F10 M5. Porsche has their Porsche ceramic-composite brake (PCCB), and available on all 911 models.

With the announcement from Segler BMW M looks like they have made a commitment to stay on par with the competition, and are still aware of the demanding nature of M owners. The new BMW ceramic-composite brakes will definitely be a good thing, even if they cost you your first child. After all, every M cars since the E30 M3 has increase in weight and power. With more power and weight behind today’s vehicle it’s more important than ever to be able to decelerate the car quickly and maintain control.

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