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Pens and accessories to accompany your Porsche

26 Sep

Ballpoint pens with technology inspired directly from the racetrack. Athletic shoes with a suspension. Glasses with six hinges instead of the normal two. Does it sound outrageous and somewhat ostentatious? Well, it is.

While attending the 2011 Online News Association conference in Boston this week I stumbled upon a Porsche Design store in a local high-end shopping mall. Upon entering it became apparent the high levels of engineering and design Porsche continually incorporates into their vehicle have carried over to other product lines. Oh, did I mention price, those have carried over too.

A pen, what many could consider a very basic writing utensil, Porsche regards as a stylish piece of contemporary design. Because of this the bodies of their ballpoint, mechanical, and fountain pens are all composed of a material called TecFlex. TecFlex is essentially an interwoven piece of stainless steel brake line that has been adapted to hold ink as opposed to brake fluid.

When it comes to race-inspired products, the P’5510 Bounce S athletic shoes are similarly over-engineered and over-the-top. In-store prices ranged from $480.00 for the mesh version, or $600.00 for the leather-covered equivalent, these are far from a run-of-the-mill pair of Nike Shox. They might look like the Nikes, but closer inspection reveals a series of actual “shocks” on the bottom of the shoe, giving these kicks a suspension setup that would rival a F1 car. With the price reaching such levels one should be more concerned with twisting a part of the suspension than your own ankle.

Ok, so the pens are made from stainless steel brake line, and the bottoms of the shoes resemble something capable of taking on the Nurburgring. However the most useful piece in the store was probably the reading glasses. No, these are not something your grandmother would wear while reading the morning newspaper. These have a total of six hinges, allowing the eyewear to fold neatly into a carrying case. Not only are these available while prescription lenses and different magnifications, they’re also practical. Their ability to fold to next to nothing makes them easy to place in your pocket or center console.

If the Porsche Design store represents anything it’s the expansion of auto manufacturers. No longer are companies simply creating cars, trucks and SUV’s. Brands have branched out to create entire lifestyles for their owners and followers. From clothing and sunglasses to kitchen knives and luggage, it’s hard to find something a marque like Porsche hasn’t thought of. If your like me, you might not be able to buy a Porsche, but you can possibly buy a pen.

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